Loren Israel || Loren Israel || Loren Israel: Helping Young Musicians in Climbing the Ladder of Success

Loren Israel is the finest song writing teacher, record producer and also a well known A & R Consultant. He is known for developing and improving the skills of new talent in the industry. He is credited for making careers of some of the most notable musicians of current times, such as Plain White T’s, Jimmy Eat World, Neon Trees and many more. He started his career as a record executive with Capitol Records. In his career span of nearly 20 years, Loren has continuously developed and signed musicians from around the globe and has helped them in making their fortune in the music industry. As a music entrepreneur, Loren has founded several other music industry related ventures and all of them are successful.

Loren Israel kicked off his music career in teenage with a local band in Los Angeles. Loren Israel played in many bands since he was 15. He has been a part of several music tours and has started bands like Bad Religion, Social Distortion, the Damned, to the Sugarcubes, to Soul Asylum and the Smithereens.

Loren Israel work with several rising talents to foster them and help them navigate inscrutable music industry. He focuses on helping young bands with technicalities of music and business. For the past 5 years Loren is running a song writing programme to help young talents with basics of song writing and recording.

6 month song writing program of Loren Israel can teach you all the tricks and tips of writing hit songs. To join this program you need not to be singer or instrument player. Anyone with the interest and love for song writing can join this course. Because of this competent program, many young bands and musicians have successfully manoeuvred their way into the list of successful musicians.

This program helps you with basic technicalities of music and experience of Loren helps you with other professional aspects of the music industry. Being the executive himself Loren Israel can help you with contract making, networking and promotional campaign. This program will cost you $400 per month for six months. You will also get 2 week window, where you can quit the program if you realise that this program is not for you.

Join this extra ordinary program of Loren Israel and make your mark in the music industry.