Amplify Your Skills and Win Grand Prizes through The 5-Minute Video Challenge

Filmmaking is one of the greatest and complex arts in the world. It includes a mixture of various different arts into one single art. Whether it is a short film or a complete feature length film, a lot of thought, knowledge, creativity snd vision are required to make a film. With the advent of modern digital cameras and digital recording devices, both recording and editing process has become easy. Now, filmmaking is not as expensive as it used to be, feature length films have been made from regular DSLR and mobile phone cameras and have won major accolades including Palme d’Or and several other video making competition awards.

The 5-min Video Challenge is an initiative taken by the Singaporean telecom giant Singtel International Group to create a platform for budding and established film makers to help connect and unite people with the help of a 5-minute video. People across Singtel’s market region of Asia, Africa and Australia would be eligible for this challenge. Companies with which Singtel Group is directly or indirectly associated are sponsoring this challenge in their own respective regions.

The theme of this short film competition is to create original, thoughtful and content oriented films answering the following questions:

 How people create new connections with each other

 What divides people?

 What brings them closer?

The only limitation of the competition is that the content should not go beyond the 5-minute limit. The video can be of any genre and can be of any filmmaking style i.e. feature, documentary or animation.

The winner and runners-up would be awarded around US$50k in prizes at a gala event hosted at the Marina Bay Hotels. This challenged would be judged by a panel of very knowledgeable professionals experts in the fields of film making, photography and advertising.

This challenge provides international recognition and fame, amplifies the film making skills and presents a good portfolio of work of the film maker. Unlike many other online film making competitions, The 5-min Video Challenge and Singtel Group does not own the content created by you or own the intellectual or creative licenses of your product. As it’s a YouTube video competition, you can upload your videos to YouTube and make yourself recognized and thus kick-start your film making career even if you win the competition or not.

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