Online School Data Backup is Easy with the Support of BOBcloud.Net

Schools, colleges and educational institutes have to deal with a lot of data on the daily basis. From student information, academic statics to faculty databases, there are many things that these institutes need to keep up with. Any loss of such an important database can cause havoc to the management and overall working of an institution. For the precaution and safety of the data, educational institutes need to make a strong backup of the data. Facilities like are there offering ICT Backup, through the means of technology.

Now you can backup your school data online on the most trusted cloud in the world with the complete support of It is a well-known fact that no other cloud solution is as compliant as Microsoft’s, thus use Microsoft’s cloud to store the imperative data of educational institutes. If you are employing for online backup services, then you can rest assured of complete safety and storage of your data. This is by far the best data backup solution in the UK; this online solution is based in the UK but offers its top of the line services to the education institutes located around the globe. Online backup for schools is an easy thing to do now, all thanks to

There is always a threat that someone may hack into unsecured data and encrypt it; often students are found doing such things. Educational institutes need to stay one step ahead of this and keep the data with utmost security. And what could give better security to your data than With you get advanced and multilayered security; the data is always encrypted on the servers along with that you can also encrypt your educational data through third-party clouds of Google or Amazon or your own SFTP for the higher level of security. Your data is backed up and stored on at least 3 systems at a time.

Complete solution of makes it one of its kind facilities; there aren’t many technological solutions that offer cloud backup for schools other educational institutes. Established in 1999, is serving all education institutes effectively for their data backup and store. Any institute from around the world can opt for their service and all users can access the data from anywhere in the world. They have clients in as many as 15 countries around the globe; the majority of countries are from the UK only.

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