Go Through the Imperative Facts Before Buying Scooters!

Owing a scooter is a fuel efficient and affordable option to travel with your family and friends. Even nowadays, most of the scooters offer around 100 Kmpl mileage capacities which is quite great as compared to four-wheelers. Plus, when it comes to get insured for scooter, the insurance options available for them are far cheaper option.

Though, there are many important points that you should consider before purchasing any scooter or going for a ride on it. Yet, the most crucial facts are listed below:

  • Follow rules and regulations:

There are different rules to drive on scooters and all the states have different rules. Often times, the rules depend on the engine size of the scooter. For example: if you are riding on 125cc scooter, then you have to drive at a speed of about 40-50km/hr.

  • Wearing helmet is compulsory:

Helmet is one of the important gears to wear when riding on scooter. The helmets are made in different colors and you can choose anyone of it according to your choice.

  • Take safety measurements on blind spots:

While traveling on blind spots, it is a good practice to check the rear view mirror of your vehicle, use signals and judge other vehicle’s speed thoroughly. If you take any of the safety precautions, then for sure you can avoid accidents on roads.

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