The Best Mobility and Protection Gear Is Available at Premier Body Armor!

For those brave hearts working in law enforcement agencies and as first responders in military action, bullet proof vests are a basic necessity to survive the attacks from dangerous people and other threats. The body armor is made of steel or ceramic plates depending on the manufacturer. Most ceramic plates are thicker and heavier in nature. The armor should also be able to absorb high powered gun shots to protect the wearer while maintaining his/her mobility.

Premier Body Armoris the leading supplier who provides effective steel plated body armors for comprehensive protection of combating forces and other individuals. The company is widely renowned for their powerful body armor system that can withstand the impact of many high powered weapons like shot guns, handguns, Kalashnikov sand high powered rifles.

For instance, The Premier Durus 8000 is the company’s featured product. It contains two super strong steel plates which are the only armor plates in the world with multiple curves to be a perfect to the human body. These plates are thin measuring just 5mm and lightweight to make sure they are easily adjustable and light to wear.

The Premier Durus 8000 NIJ certified is available with a complete body armor system that includes a steel armor plate and a vest, it’s a best in class product from Premier Body Armor. The company’s clients include the United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM), the Department of Defense along with various private security agencies.

Founded in 2013, the company has conducted research work for the past 20 years in the field of engineering and manufacturing armor. The company using its proprietary steel manufacturing factory has developed the multi-curve ballistic plates for extra comfort. All the products of Premier Body Armor are designed and made at its facility in Kings Mountain, North Carolina.

The company provides a 10 year warranty on all body armor plates and 2 year warranty on its carriers. The company offers affordable body armor and provides special resources for those in Law Enforcement and First Responders.

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