GASTOM Ltd: Providing Services for Commercial Heating & Commercial Catering

GASTOM Ltd is a renowned company working in gas and water pipework sector. They are dedicated to delivering professional services and guaranteed use of natural gas in commercial and domestic sector. Considering the fact that natural gas is one of the most affordable forms of energy consumption for all the sectors, GASTOM Ltd makes it sure that the natural gas pipeline is effectively installed at your residential or commercial building. Installing it is probably not an easy task, it needs lots of professionalism, and moreover there are many chances to make mistakes. The trained workers and engineers at GASTOM Ltd are committed to providing with utmost honesty and respect and provide them with seamless solutions.

An array of services are offered at GASTOM Ltd that includes commercial heating, commercial catering, catering gas engineering etc. They are staffed with highly experienced and trained professionals who offer suitable solutions for plumbing problems. There are comprehensive domestic plumbing services offered by GASTOM Ltd such as designing and installation of relevant water pipes in the bathrooms, showers, syncs, taps etc. They also design and install new bathrooms in hassle-free manner that can match your requirements and desires.

Along with serving in the domestic sector, GASTOM Ltd also offers great heating services to commercial sector. The professionals are always there to assist you in the boiler selection, maintenance and exchange of boilers and commercial gas heating systems. Commercial gas heating services includes boiler installation, servicing, power flushing repairs etc. Over the period of time, commercial heating systems need repair and are unhygienic to use. GASTOM Ltd provides you stress free solutions for installations and repair services at affordable prices.

Unlike the residential kitchens, commercial kitchens are incorporated by cooking stations and accurate equipment which operate these stations. In commercial sector, commercial catering is a well-known term that states providing easy and steady food services at locations like hotel, restaurants and other marriage sites. Usage of natural gases for such purpose is the most efficient decision that can be taken because it is proven cost-effective of all. At GASTOM Ltd, the commercial catering engineer can guide you and assist you in appliance servicing, canopy installation, gas proofing systems etc.

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