Amplify Your Skills and Win Grand Prizes through The 5-Minute Video Challenge

Filmmaking is one of the greatest and complex arts in the world. It includes a mixture of various different arts into one single art. Whether it is a short film or a complete feature length film, a lot of thought, knowledge, creativity snd vision are required to make a film. With the advent of modern digital cameras and digital recording devices, both recording and editing process has become easy. Now, filmmaking is not as expensive as it used to be, feature length films have been made from regular DSLR and mobile phone cameras and have won major accolades including Palme d’Or and several other video making competition awards.

The 5-min Video Challenge is an initiative taken by the Singaporean telecom giant Singtel International Group to create a platform for budding and established film makers to help connect and unite people with the help of a 5-minute video. People across Singtel’s market region of Asia, Africa and Australia would be eligible for this challenge. Companies with which Singtel Group is directly or indirectly associated are sponsoring this challenge in their own respective regions.

The theme of this short film competition is to create original, thoughtful and content oriented films answering the following questions:

 How people create new connections with each other

 What divides people?

 What brings them closer?

The only limitation of the competition is that the content should not go beyond the 5-minute limit. The video can be of any genre and can be of any filmmaking style i.e. feature, documentary or animation.

The winner and runners-up would be awarded around US$50k in prizes at a gala event hosted at the Marina Bay Hotels. This challenged would be judged by a panel of very knowledgeable professionals experts in the fields of film making, photography and advertising.

This challenge provides international recognition and fame, amplifies the film making skills and presents a good portfolio of work of the film maker. Unlike many other online film making competitions, The 5-min Video Challenge and Singtel Group does not own the content created by you or own the intellectual or creative licenses of your product. As it’s a YouTube video competition, you can upload your videos to YouTube and make yourself recognized and thus kick-start your film making career even if you win the competition or not.

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The 5 Min Video Challenge: Connecting Lives Around the World

The 5 Min Video Challenge is a pilot project of SingTel International Group, a leading network service provider. The project is based on the concept of bringing down barriers amongst communities and countries with the help of short 5-minute videos that can unite the people as one. The project is for participants in SingTel Group’s market in the continents of Asia, Australia and Africa. Participants from various countries of these continents can send their entries to The 5 Min Video Challenge and the company will broadcast the video of the winner of the contest.

Any video that sends a message across border and unites communities and people is welcome. With only criteria to fulfill apart from the 5-minute limitation to the video length, anybody with a camera or recording device can display their talent for to the world to see, with the help of their video. The 5 Min Video Challenge first held in 2016, earned rave reviews from people from around the world for its initiative to remove barriers of communications.

The winner of the competition is awarded with a cash prize, which is an added incentive for people to try their luck. All the top entries are available on display on the website, which further highlights their talent to the world. The announcement for the best entries and the winner held on a gala night that features the who’s who of the city along with the makers of the top entries competing in the year’s competition. The 2017 competition has kick-started in Singapore and has received plethora of entries from participants. Entries for the YouTube short film contest for participants from Australia, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand will be open soon.

Endorsed by leading network service providers from around the world, The 5 Min Video Challenge is the best platform for people to display their talent to the world by spreading the message of love and connecting lives through short films that unite the people around the world. Originality is vital while filming such videos, which makes the competition fair for everyone. The competition has been widely regarded as the best online video contests.

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Develop Language Skills in Your Kid through Nursery Rhymes for Preschoolers

When your children understand the nursery rhymes, they find something hilarious in it and may imagine lot of things! Most of the times, they relate like getting lost, falling down and being naughty too. Well, nursery rhymes for preschoolers help your kid to develop his learning as well as speaking skills. These rhymes help your toddler to learn the tough things in an innovative way. With this, your kid may laugh about the certain things that are usually stressful and harder to remember.

Nursery rhymes are a good way to introduce your babies about education in a story telling way. This promotes social skills and enhances their language knowledge and capability to learn! These rhymes also lay the base for your toddler to read and speak with the sounds spelled in it. If your kids watch the rhyming videos, then surely they develop effective speech and language skills.

If your children like to watch videos and cartoons on TV channels, then the nursery rhymes for kids in English is very helpful to pave the way for love towards the book with an ease. Plus, your kid can sing and recite the words after them and thus, they also learn to connect with other children.

In addition, nursery rhymes have lot more effects on your kid rather than just make them to learn in an entertaining manner. These nursery rhymes have social benefits too. As in, these rhymes are sung in groups that help your child to enjoy and be a part of social circle.

Well, there are many YouTube channels that publish these rhymes to help your kid learn in less time. Kids TV is one such channel that has many rhymes and video including johny-johny, finger family, humpty dumpty and a lot more.

Kids TV provide the video in an animated form that improves the learning capability of your child. The channel produces songs to better understand the numbers, alphabets, shapes and different colors too with rhythms and harmony.

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Mobil6000 casino is a Nordic designed casino featuring all the most popular games from suppliers including Net Entertainment, Microgaming, Betsoft among many others. Grab your welcome bonus and free spins and win big on either your desktop or mobile device of your choice!

Casino gambling on slot machines is one of the oldest forms of organized gaming, especially offline. It has been a favorite pastime for those who believe in destiny and want to enjoy thrilling games by making money in a quick fashing. However, as the technology has evolved, the world of casino gambling went through a drastic change, from the dark offline casino houses to the sleak, up market online envrioment. Play games at the comfort of your own home and avoid needing to go to Las Vegas. If you love to play casino, then you would be glad to know that there are many mobile casinos which are dedicated to providing an array of exciting and astounding casino games.

Mobil6000 is a leading mobile casino which is dedicated to providing an array of thrilling and exclusive casino games which can be played on iOS, Android, Windows operated smartphones and mobile devices. You are empowered to create an account and will be immediately treated to a generous welcome bonus.

They offer an extensive range of games from classic slots, video slots, Blackjack, Roulette, 3D slots and Jackpot progressive slots, Video poker and more. As per your needs and interest, you can choose the one that is most suitable for you. Well, mobile phone technology has been a boon for every individual. Thus, we should make sure to seamlessly use this technology and play mobile casino games without breaking sweats.

Mobil6000 casino is the best option for gamers to enjoy thrills and buzz of stunning and lucrative games. Vibrant graphics, finest gaming environment, innovations in games and ultramodern features make these games ultimate and one-of-a-kind. Thus, you can take your time and make it a thought of creating an account on Mobil6000. They ensure to source the comprehensive range of game provided by esteemed and top-notch software providers such as Net Entertainment, Microgaming, Betsoft etc. And the games provided by these providers include Gladiator, Mega Fortune, Starburst, Super Joker and more.

With a team of well-qualified, experienced and proficient professionals, Mobil6000 casino is dedicated to quenching the thirst of every casino lover all over the globe. They understand that every individual possesses a different taste and their expectation varies, thus they strive to offer a wide range of gaming options that can match the needs of every player. With them, you will not only be thrilled by playing amazing casino games, but also enhance the skills of winning a huge sum of money.

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Enjoy the Entrancing Full Moon Party with Dancing Elephant

The star-spangled sky and blue phosphorescence beautifully scattered like diamonds on soothing sea. The sand glows silver and waves are dancing on the music as they are hitting the shore! Imagining this is just “Wow”, and experiencing it from the beauty of Koh Phangan’s spectacular Haad Rin beach is what feels mind-blowing! Are you aware of the moon party which is held every month in Koh Phangan right before and after the full moon? Fantastic fireworks, high beat music and people spinning on the electronic music is the scenario, the atmosphere is amazingly tempting for partygoers around the globe! No doubt, all of you might somewhere think about enjoying such parties and getting involved completely in the ambience of the legendary moon.

If you are someone who is seeking a prominent place to enjoy full moon party, then Dancing Elephant is the foremost party hostel Koh Phangan that can be opted for. It is a perfect place which offers comprehensive party packages that can make your party experience unforgettable. You can enjoy drinking games and add body paints before heading to the parties.

To ensure that people should enjoy Koh Phangan full moon party to the fullest, Dancing Elephant offers:

  • A chill out area: A soothing area is available in the hostel, where you can relax and chill down after excessive dancing and wandering with your crazy friends.
  • Two bars: There are two bars namely street bar and Mooners available for those who are ready to enjoy the vibrant night life.
  • Free unlimited drinking water 24/7.
  • Big screen TV where you can watch a lot of movies.
  • A travel agency desk: Here, you can get tickets to all major events which will be held in Koh Phangan.
  • And last but not the least, a large group of party crazy folks to enjoy with!

Dancing Elephant is a very special place, where you can create some of the great fun-filled lasting memories. As the Full Moon Party has gained a popularity of being one of the biggest and best beach bashes in the world, they get more than the fair share of hedonists gracing their shores. You can experience one of the best moments of your life by booking Haad Rin beach accommodation at Dancing Elephant where you can stay all night enjoying, dancing and singing with your near and dear ones.

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Our life is actually like a bunch of flowers which has beautiful and amazing moments like its petals along with tough and difficult times like thorns of flower. We all have to face misfortune in life. All these ups and downs in life are necessary to make our life vibrant and don’t make it monotonous without any adventure. In our daily stressful and hectic schedule, the best moments are the ones we spend laughing. Kappit has brought you the wonderful collection of jokes which can steal the moments of humor and laughter from your tedious and hectic day. is the website which provides the funniest jokes, trolls, memes and gifs from all over the internet. We also accept the quality jokes from our viewers. Jokes are something which brings a smile on a sad and low face. People are living in a world is full of worries; they are so occupied in their stressful work that they don’t even think about their own happiness. They need to think twice whenever someone asks them about the last time they laughed out fully from their heart forgetting all worries. Hence, we provide the funniest and updated jokes to give you the most enjoyable moments.

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