The Importance of Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customer satisfaction surveys are crucial in driving business growth. Happy customers mean repeat business and as many of us know, it costs less to keep an existing customer than to find a new customer.

Satisfied customers buy more often and develop brand loyalty. They often recommend products and services to friends and family – and word of mouth is one of the strongest referral methods. So how do we find out exactly what our customer like and don’t like about our products and services? As a market research company, online, telephone and face-to-face surveys are three of our options. We are able to find out specific information which, when acted upon, could improve ROI.

It’s important to include open ended questions to allow customers to give specific feedback. Structuring your survey is also important. A well designed survey removes bias, improves the quality of responses and allows you to draw accurate conclusions.

Following a customer satisfaction survey it’s important to develop a plan to address areas of weakness highlighted by the survey. Once this plan has been carried out, a follow-up survey can be used to check if the plan was effective.

As one of the best market research companies in the UK and Ireland, CARD Group ensures clients are provided with actionable insights. These insights empower clients to effectively address their customer satisfaction challenges.

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