Give your Perishable Goods a Longer Life with PakSense

A business that produces perishable goods is a tough one. For once, your product has a limited life expectancy. Hence, it needs to reach the consumer in usable form and on time. Now the time factor can be handled but what about the transporting and storing part? Well for that many carriers and storage houses provide cold chain logistics.

It’s a service that is provided for the transportation of many perishable goods over long distances, so that they reach to the customers on time, while they’re still consumable. But there are a million things that can go wrong. Sending a consignment of your products on the road is a matter of big risk, as product integrity needs to be maintained and not to forget there’s a lot of money riding as investment. So, why take a chance? Be sure every step of the way with PakSense.

PakSense provides you with technologies, services, products etc. that help you monitor the condition of your perishable products being transported, anytime and anywhere, covering your whole supply chain. For instance:

  1. Food industry- The food industry is an obvious example since there is always an involvement of fruits, foods and vegetables that are of perishable nature. They are only good if they remain fresh. PakSense core technology coupled with its expertise in cold chain solutions provides complete temperature control solutions.
  2. Pharmaceuticals- This industry has a lot of bio degradable and perishable items like medicines, biologics, chemicals etc. PakSense products include labels that are attached to the surface of the product and provide detailed minute to minute report of the temperatures of the product, enabling you to be one step ahead if a mishap occurs.
  3. Consultancy- With over 80 years of experience in the industry equipped with latest technology, PakSense provides cold chain consulting, prepared analysis and grade report of carriers and suppliers, consultancy and cold chain technologies for in store cold case troubleshooting, offering insight in to cold storage solutions, to name a few.

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