IntelMobi: The Most Powerful GPS and Mobile Phone Tracking App for Smartphones

Safety and security of their loved ones is the topmost concern for everyone for which they are ready to go to any extent. Also, it is essential to know what kind of people they come to face-to-face with or are in their social circles. With soaring criminal activities all over the world, ensuring the safety of your family, children, lover or even your employees is much more than a mere responsibility. Now, you might be thinking how will you make it happen? Well, you can end your entire worries as IntelMobi is here to make life easier for you.

IntelMobi is the most outstanding GPS and cell phone spy app for both iOS and Android platforms. It facilitates you to spy over the location of your family, kids and employees without them knowing by tracking them non-intrusively through GPS. This tracking app also has a history feature which allows you to check the detailed route your loved ones have travelled to, within a specific period of time. Being the most prolific cell phone tracking software for smartphones, IntelMobi ensures that you are always aware about the location of your loved ones. Moreover, you can also check the full content of your target’s SMS inbox and sent messages along with the contact names, date and other details.

By downloading and installing IntelMobi on the target’s cell phone, you can keep an eye on various cellular activities of the target from anywhere and anytime you want. You can access the call history (incoming and outgoing calls) even after it is deleted along with details such as numbers, date, call duration and time. Moreover, you can listen to the conversation those long private calls through the unique feature of this mobile spy app, call recordings. The notifications and status from the app will obviously remain hidden. You can listen to all the recorded call once they are synchronized with the cloud of IntelMobi control panel.

Through IntelMobi, you can avail its various features such as:

  • Checking the received and sent mails of your target.
  • The contacts saved in their phone with the details such as names and numbers.
  • The URL your target has visited in their phone browser and how consistently they have done so.
  • You can also view the photos clicked and stored on their phones, secretly. Along with the place and time they were taken.
  • If your target is on Viber, you can easily monitor their received and sent photos and text messages.
  • The messages exchanges on WhatsApp can be viewed easily as well along with dates and time.
  • Facebook chat, Skype or any other apps activity can be monitored easily.
  • Also, you can check the email history of the target.

The bottom line is, IntelMobi is the best GPS and mobile tracking app that helps people to keep an eye on their spouse, kids and employees. For more details, visit